Octorara Covenanter Presbyterian Church
1188 Valley Road, Quarryville, Pennsylvania

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About Us

Board of Trustees

J. Barry Girvin, President

John B. Girvin, Vice President

Donna W. McCool, Treasurer

Virginia E. Landis, Secretary

Jeffrey K. Alexander

Leonard G. Brown III

Donald Henderson, Jr.

Douglas M. Hileman

Rob McCullough

Andrea B. Reynolds
Jonathan Welch

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Artifacts from Bart High School, the Covenanter Congregation, the Middle Octorara Congregation, and Bart Township are displayed in the schoolroom.  From the details of the Covenanter radical patriot leadership prior to the Revolutionary War to the desk tops from the Bart High School carved with automobile emblems there is a rich legacy to pass on to future generations.

The Octorara Covenanter Presbyterian Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational non-profit organization established in part to restore and maintain the Octorara Covenanter Presbyterian Church and its attached school room as an historical site.  The Church is the oldest Covenanter Church in North America dating back to 1754.  The schoolroom, a Presbyterian Academy, was added to the Church about 1880.  From 1901 to 1927 the schoolroom housed Bart Township High School.01